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F. Munoz, H. P. Ojeda Collado, G. Usaj, J. O. Sofo and C. A. Balseiro, "Bilayer graphene under pressure: Electron-hole Symmetry Breaking, Valley Hall Effect, and Landau Levels", submitted to Phys. Rev. B (2016)
nuggetWednesday, Apr 3 2013

Viewpoint: Positrons Galore

Professor Stephane Coutu has a Viewpoints article in APS Physics describing the significance of recent discoveries by the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer.
nuggetSunday, Mar 31 2013

An advance in multifunctional electronics

A group led by Qi Li has designed a special material interface that enhances the functioning of non-silicon-based electronic devices, such as those used in certain kinds of random access memory (Nature Materials).
nuggetSunday, Mar 31 2013

Topological transitions

Chaoxing Liu's calculations provide definitive proof of a topology-driven magnetic quantum phase transition in complex topological insulator materials (Science Magazine).
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