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nuggetWednesday, Apr 3 2013

Viewpoint: Positrons Galore

Professor Stephane Coutu has a Viewpoints article in APS Physics describing the significance of recent discoveries by the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. More...
nuggetSunday, Mar 31 2013

An advance in multifunctional electronics

Qi Li and her colleagues report in Nature Materials an alternative way of creating a "multiferroic" device that is compatible with non-silicon technology and that combines into one device both an electronic and a magnetic junction. The concept integrates a magnetic tunnel junction with a ferroelectric material. The ensuing electroresistance is highly enhanced (by over 10000%) and also defines a pathway for creating multilevel logic devices. More... (Image: Qi Li lab, Penn state University)
nuggetSunday, Mar 31 2013

Topological transitions

A team of physicists from Tsinghua University, the Institute of Physics-Chinese Academy of Sciences and Penn State University report the observation of a magnetic quantum phase transition as the composition of a complex topological insulator is tuned through a critical point. The results, reported in this week's issue of Science Magazine, show that this quantum phase transition is driven by the band topology of the system. This interpretation of the experimental results is corroborated by Chaoxing Liu, co-author on the paper, whose theoretical model shows how the magnetic quantum phase transition is driven by the topological phase transition and how the Hall conductance changes its sign across the transition. More... (Image: Chaoxing Liu, Penn State University)
nuggetFriday, Feb 8 2013

Edging the light fantastic

A team led by Mauricio Terrones has created single layers of a naturally occurring rare mineral called tungstenite, or WS2. The resulting 2D sheet of stacked sulfur and tungsten atoms forms a honeycomb pattern of triangles with unusual light-emitting properties, showing striking photoluminescence at the edges. The triangular structures have potential applications in optical technology; for example, for use in light detectors and lasers. The results (first reported online in November 2012) will soon appear in the print edition of Nano Letters. More... (Image: Image: Terrones lab)
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