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Water molecules at liquid density in a slab surrundered by TiO2(110)

We are trying to understand the dynamics and reactivity of water and ions in solution on the surface of metal oxides. The liquid region close to the surface, called electrical double layer, is formed by a complex interplay of electrostatics, van der Waals forces, and quantum effects. A better understanding of this region impacts nanoparticle synthesis and self assembly, heterogeneous catalysis, ion conduction, migration of contaminants in rivers, fuel cell operation, and many other applications of industrial, environmental, or biological relevance.

We are in particular interested on the surface of titania - not the largest moon of Uranus but the mineral TiO2. The subsections describe different studies that we have done or that we are currently doing in this area.

This research area provides opportunities for undergraduate research.


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J. O. Sofo : Water on the Surface of Metal Oxides