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I am interested in using atoms to address basic problems of physics. This can be accomplished with precise measurements of fundamental constants, with tests of fundamental symmetries, and by using atoms and photons as model systems for studying general theories like quantum or statistical mechanics. My primary experimental tools are laser cooled atoms, atom traps and atom optics. These are intrinsically fascinating sets of techniques that can improve a range of experiments and make possible many wholly new types of experiments and devices.

We are performing experiments with far off resonance optical lattices (FORLs) and other light traps. In particular, we have developed ways to trap and cool atoms at high density in FORLs. These atoms are used in a variety of ways, including creating and studying Bose Einstein condensates, studying reduced dimensional systems of bosons, precision measurments (including an electron electric dipole moment search), and quantum computation.

Postdoc positions are available, contact D.S.Weiss.

This research area provides opportunities for undergraduate research.


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