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Local pair correlations in 1D Bose gas: comparison between the exact Lieb-Liniger theory and experiment.

Far-off resonant optical lattices are the starting point for achieving Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) using only optical trapping. Our all-optical approach obtains a 2.5x105 BEC every 3 s. When we transfer our BEC back into a FORL, it constitutes an ordered quantum system with a perfection that is hard to achieve in condensed matter physics.

Atoms in 1D and 2D FORLs are 2D and 1D quantum systems. Using a 2D FORL, we have observed a 1D Tonks-Girardeau gas of freely moving bosons (see Science article). We have performed a series of experimental tests of the exact 1D Bose gas theory from the weak to the strong coupling regimes. We have also embarked on a series of experiments with gases out of equilibrium. The first such experiment, the quantum Newton's cradle, is the first to demonstrate the central feature of integrable many-body systems, that they do not approach thermal equilibrium.


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D. S. Weiss : Bose condensed atoms in optical lattices