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This project aims to advance our fundamental understanding of spin transport and manipulation in mesoscopic semiconductor devices. The project is a collaboration with Professor David Awschalom (University of California-Santa Barbara) and capitalizes on our extensive joint experience in the measurement and control of both quantum and classical spin transport in semiconductors. We focus our experiments on new spin-related physics in semiconductors that emerges from the interplay of spin-orbit coupling, strain, electric fields, magnetic fields and exchange. By designing mesoscale devices that exploit this interplay, we plan to enhance, route, manipulate and detect the static and dynamic spin polarization created by phenomena such as the spin Hall effect, electric dipole spin resonance, spin helices, hyperfine coupling and exchange scattering. The ultimate goal of our proposed research is to provide the foundations for a spin-based device technology that bridges concepts from semiconductor quantum electronics and contemporary magnetics.

This research area provides opportunities for undergraduate research.


2010 · 2012 · All
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N. Samarth : Spin Transport and Manipulation in Mesoscopic Semiconductor Devices