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This project is aimed at harnessing recent fundamental discoveries in semiconductor spintronics (such as the spin Hall effect and the enhancement of spin coherence in micro-resonators) for the systematic control of coherent spin phenomena in micro-patterned semiconductor devices. In collaboration with Professor Awschalom at the University of California-Santa Barbara, we are developing static and dynamical electrical measurements of the spin Hall effect as well seeking pathways for enhancing the magnitude of this phenomenon. We are also pursuing investigations that explore the entanglement and coherent manipulation of spins in coupled optical microcavities, with the ultimate goal of coherently controlling a single spin. Finally, we are probing the exchange interaction across interfaces for coherent spin control in both paramagnetic and ferromagnetic semiconductor heterostructures. Methods of investigation include spatially-resolved femtosecond optical spectroscopies, variable-temperature magnetotransport, direct magnetization, scanning probe microscopies, molecular beam epitaxial growth, and submicron fabrication techniques.

This research area provides opportunities for undergraduate research.


2010 · 2011 · All
A. Balk, M. E. Nowakowski, M. Wilson, D. Rench, P. Schiffer, D. D. Awschalom and N. Samarth, "Measurements of Nanoscale Domain Wall Flexing in a Ferromagnetic Thin Film," Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 077205 (2011)
M. E. Nowakowski, G. D. Fuchs, S. Mack, N. Samarth and D. D. Awschalom, "Spin Control of Drifting Electrons using Local Nuclear Polarization in Ferromagnet/Semiconductor Heterostructures," Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 137206 (2010)

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N. Samarth : Coherent Spin Control in Microfabricated Semiconductor Geometries