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S. Xu, M. Neupane, C. Liu, D. Zhang, A. R. Richardella, L. Wray, N. Alidoust, M. Leandersson, T. Balasubramanian, J. Sánchez-Barrig, O. Rader, G. Landolt, B. Slomski, J. Hugo Dil, J. Osterwalder, T. Chang, H. Jeng, H. Lin, A. Bansil, N. Samarth and M. Hasan, "Hedgehog spin texture and Berry’s phase tuning in a magnetic topological insulator," Nature Phys. 8, 616 – 622 (2012)
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D. Rench, P. Schiffer and N. Samarth, "Structural and Magnetic Characteristics of MnAs Nanoclusters Embedded in Be-doped GaAs," Phys. Rev. B 84, 094434 (2011)
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