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Condensed Matter Physics, Electronic Properties, Low-dimensional systems, Magnetism, Materials, Mesoscopic Physics, Molecular Electronics, Nanomaterials, Semiconductors, Statistical physics, Surface physics, Vibrational Properties

Our current research is in to the behavior of 2D plasmons, 2D electronic behavior, and 2D magnetic behavior in specially prepared surfaces and thin films.

Our tools are:

1. Momentum and energy-space photoelectron spectroscopy using uv synchrotron radiation.

2. Atomic core-level magnetic dichroism using x-ray synchrotron radiation.

3. Very-high resolution Fermi surface studies using synchrotron undulator radiation.

4. In-situ uhv growth, using MBE and characterization, using surface science techniques, of ultrathin-film, novel electronic and magnetic materials.

5. Magneto-optical behavior and spin transport processes in magnetic alloys and finite-size nanostructures.

6. Scanning-probe microscopy and spectroscopy of stongly-correlated electronic effects due to narrow bands at semi-conductor surfaces and interfaces.

7. STM tip-induced physical processes: tunneling; electronic and vibronic excitations; light-emission; surface and molecular modification.

8. Electron spin injection and transport using ballistic electron emission (BEE).

9. Molecular electronics in carbon nanostructures: buckey balls; nanotubes; graphene molecules.

This research area provides opportunities for undergraduate research.


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K. R. Podolak, R. F. Willis, M. Wilson, P. Schiffer and K. N. Altmann, "Local and nonlocal magnetic behavior of dilute manganese-doped nickel alloys," J. Appl. Phys. 105, 083918 (2009)
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