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Accounting staff.


Staff who support research centers.


Staff who support departmental research and teaching facilities.

Information Technology

Maintenance of the network & servers.

Seminar Support

People who handle reimbursement for visitors, etc.

Student Services

General services to graduate and undergraduate students.

General services to graduate and undergraduate students.

Instructional Services CoordinatorRichard Browne

  • Create course list for each semester. Process changes, assign rooms, and assign controls.
  • Update department personnel in its use; process course enrollments, adjust student's schedules and section changes, monitor and control section size.
  • Schedule examinations by room size; date and time. Distribute exam dates, times and rooms to faculty and teaching assistants. Prepare and distribute examination packets with answer sheets as appropriate to faculty and/or teaching assistants.
  • Answer telephone and provide student-related information and refer. Act as information source for students, parents, and visitors to department on academic procedures, course content, degree requirements, and general information on department.
  • Coordinate the evaluations procedure for SRTE forms, prepare evaluation results for promotion and tenure.
  • Order textbooks for PSU bookstore, order desk copies for the faculty, and lab manuals, etc. for the teaching assistants.
  • Prepare ProCopy order forms; ensure that materials are available for undergraduate courses.
  • Coordinate the REU Program-research experience for undergraduates.
  • Maintain Introductory Courses Excel-based grades databases; weekly downloading of grades from Web Assign and intermittent uploading of TA spreadsheets.
  • Create exams using MicroTest and update the difficulty levels of MicroTest questions.
  • Provide interface between faculty and copying services for course needs (includes recitation materials, quizzes, exams, etc.).
  • Provide interface between faculty and student e-mail (generated from "forms" on web)--includes excuses, web assign problem reports, etc.
  • Provide interface between course faculty and UTS; provide repository for scan sheets for all intro courses.
  • Provide faculty with ICC generated guidelines for introductory courses and send reminders about important deadlines.
  • Complete mid-semester student evaluation sheets (freshman, athletes, etc.).

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