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Accounting staff.


Staff who support research centers.


Staff who support departmental research and teaching facilities.

Information Technology

Maintenance of the network & servers.

Seminar Support

People who handle reimbursement for visitors, etc.

Student Services

General services to graduate and undergraduate students.
Departmental and General Funds AccountingMary McMonagle

General Accounting

  • Prepare, process, post and track IBIS/financial and paper documents to include VRESs, SRFCs, IDCCs, DBAFs, ROCRs, purchase orders, limited orders, journal vouchers, CONUS & OCONUS Travel Expense forms, and others as required. Prepare PMRs and justifications.
  • Maintain/monitor matching, general, and miscellaneous budgets. Create/update spreadsheets on all budgets and standing orders.
  • Maintain/monitor Electronic Shop, Machine Shop income, and Computer Shop income and expenses.
  • Reconcile purchasing card transactions.
  • Review payments against purchase orders and limited orders. Interact with vendors/Purchasing Department to insure accuracy on all purchasing/payment of items.
  • Prepare FIT reports for review with faculty.
  • Maintain/process wage payroll forms.

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