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Quantum degenerate gases, laser-cooled atomic clocks, optical lattices, etc.

Biological Physics

Interactions across scales from intracellular signalling to ecosystems.

Condensed Matter

Quantum coherent ground states, spintronics, magnetism, materials physics, and nanoscience.

Gravitational Physics

Quantum gravity and general relativity.

Particle Astrophysics

Ultrahigh energy cosmic-rays, cosmological neutrinos, cosmic antimatter, etc.
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Our condensed matter program spans a wide range of fundamental and applied phenomena, from superfluid helium, the fractional quantum Hall effect, high temperature superconductivity and quantum computation to surface science, ferroelectrics, polymers, scanning probe microscopy, clusters, nanoscale superconductivity, carbon nanostructures, spintronics and magnetic systems. The program was ranked 12th in the nation in the U.S. News graduate school guide. We currently host an interdisciplinary National Science Foundation Materials Research Science and Engineering Center.

AlbertReka Albert (Theory, Computation)
CastlemanWill Castleman (Experiment)
ChanMoses Chan (Experiment)
ColeMilton Cole (Theory, Computation)
CrespiVincent (Vin) Crespi (Theory, Experiment, Computation)
DiehlRenee Diehl (Experiment)
FichthornKristen Fichthorn (Theory, Computation)
HudsonEric Hudson (Experiment)
JainJainendra Jain (Theory)
LiQi Li (Experiment)
LiuChao-Xing Liu (Theory)
LiuYing Liu (Experiment)
MahanGerald (Jerry) Mahan (Theory)
MalloukThomas Mallouk (Experiment)
MaynardJulian (Jay) Maynard (Experiment)
RigolMarcos Rigol (Theory, Computation)
SamarthNitin Samarth (Experiment)
SchifferPeter Schiffer (Experiment)
SofoJorge Sofo (Theory, Experiment, Computation)
TerronesMauricio Terrones (Theory, Experiment)
WillisRoy Willis (Experiment)
XiXiaoxing Xi (Experiment)
ZhuJun Zhu (Experiment)

Recent Publications

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Condensed Matter Physics