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Quantum degenerate gases, laser-cooled atomic clocks, optical lattices, etc.

Biological Physics

Interactions across scales from intracellular signalling to ecosystems.

Condensed Matter

Quantum coherent ground states, spintronics, magnetism, materials physics, and nanoscience.

Gravitational Physics

Quantum gravity and general relativity.

Particle Astrophysics

Ultrahigh energy cosmic-rays, cosmological neutrinos, cosmic antimatter, etc.
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Artist's rendition of the initial conditions prior to the collision of two black holes.

The primary goal of the Institute for Gravitational Physics and Geometry, including the Center for Gravitational Wave Physics, is to enhance research in quantum gravity and general relativity, and in the related areas of geometry, mathematical physics, computational relativity, cosmology, and relativistic astrophysics. Located in the physics department, the Institute interacts strongly with theorists in high-energy physics. In addition, its members include faculty in the mathematics and astronomy departments. The weekly Institute seminars are generally interdisciplinary and accessible to all graduate students in these areas. In addition, there are more specialized seminars on research being pursued by the physics faculty, post-docs and students. The Institute makes a special effort to train graduate students and post-docs in all areas of gravitational physics so they can easily cross traditional boundaries within the field. Therefore, our past students and post-docs have been able to transport ideas from one area to another, thereby making seminal contributions to the field.

AshtekarAbhay Ashtekar (Theory)
BojowaldMartin Bojowald (Theory)
FinnLee (Sam) Finn (Theory, Experiment, Computation)
MészárosPeter Mészáros (Theory)
OwenBenjamin (Ben) Owen (Theory, Experiment, Computation)
ShanderaSarah Shandera (Theory)
SommersPaul Sommers (Theory, Experiment)

Recent Publications

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Gravitational Physics