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A. C. Balram, Y. Wu, S. Ganesh Jaya, A. Wojs and J. K. Jain, "Role of Exciton Screening in the 7/3 Fractional Quantum Hall Effect," Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 186801 (2013)
The excitations of the 7/3 fractional Hall state, one of the most prominent states in the second Landau level, are not understood. We study the effect of screening by composite fermion excitons and find that it causes a strong renormalization at 7/3, thanks to a relatively small exciton gap and a relatively large residual interaction between composite fermions. The excitations of the 7/3 state are to be viewed as composite fermions dressed by a large exciton cloud. Their wide extent has implications for experiments as well as for analysis of finite system exact diagonalization studies.
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