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To the best of our knowledge, this course is not offered in Fall 2017.

Prerequisite(s):MATH 250 or 251; PHYS 212, 213, and 214; or PHYS 204


This is the generic persistent syllabus information- there may be slight variations in actual course coverage from semester to semester.

Physics 402 is a one-semester electronics laboratory course which provides a survey of modern electronics from the point of view of data acquisition. The course covers a wide range of topics including a review of basic analog electronics concepts, Fourier series application in electronics, digital data acquisition, analog and digital use of non-linear components, digital circuit analysis, and introduction to microprocessors. The format is intended to acquaint the student with digital data acquisition equipment and software in the first wek of the course and to use this type of equipment in the weekly laboratory sessions for studying the various electronics concepts and devices.

The laboratory has been equipped with a VME data acquisition system. The system is controlled with Motorola 6830-based single-board computers (MVME147). The computers run a multitasking real-time operating system called 029. The laboratory has been cabled to provide both terminal and data input/output access from each lab station. The system provides network access to other computers on and off campus. From their lab station terminals, students may work in a BASIC programming environment. Example programs are provided for common tasks such as sampling a wave form and fast Fourier transform display. Students are encouraged to modify the examples and use the equipment creatively.

This course is very useful for students interested in experimental research work and could be scheduled in the junior year.


Penn State welcomes students with disabilities into the University's educational programs. If you have a disability-related need for reasonable academic adjustments in this course, contact the Office for Disability Services (ODS) at 814-863-1807 (V/TTY). For further information regarding ODS, please visit the Office for Disability Services Web site.

In order to receive consideration for course accommodations, you must contact ODS and provide documentation (see the documentation guidelines). If the documentation supports the need for academic adjustments, ODS will provide a letter identifying appropriate academic adjustments. Please share this letter and discuss the adjustments with your instructor as early in the course as possible. You must contact ODS and request academic adjustment letters at the beginning of each semester.

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PHYS 402 Electronics for Scientists in Fall 2017